Sanitaire Gold Series membrane diffusers
These new Sanitaire Gold Series deliver the lowest available energy consumption through a combination of high oxygen transfer efficiency and low head loss. The robust, modular design makes for easy, versatile installations and absolute reliability.

Sanitaire coarse-bubble wide band
The Sanitaire stainless steel wide band coarse bubble diffusers are used in applications that require non-clogging maintenance free diffuser systems.


Flygt Jet aeration
Submersible, self-aspirating jet aerator intended for aerating and mixing of contaminated water. The jet aerator is based on a submersible Flygt pump and a designed ejector system.

Silver Series II low pressure
The Sanitaire fine bubble aeration systems with the Silver Series II Low Pressure are recognized for their high oxygen transfer efficiency and low system head loss which leads to low energy costs.

Silver Series II membrane
The Sanitaire fine bubble aeration systems with the Silver Series II, 7" or 9" membrane is the most widely used diffuser. It offers significant energy cost savings.

Sanitaire ceramic disc
The Sanitaire fine bubble aeration systems with the ceramic disc are corrosion resistant and have a low system head loss which leads to low energy costs.

The ICEAS process is a fully automated and simple to operate biological treatment system that has multiple advantages over conventional SBR.


biokube aero


  • One technology for all cleaning demands, From small systems for single houses to WWT plants for entire villages and small towns above 10.000m3
  • Patented sludge return system and recirculation without odour 
  • Recycled flow to septic contain nitrates and greatly reduce odour
  • Recycled flow balance soluble concentration from the septic tank
  • SAF – submersible aerated filter
  • Flushes out additional load in time of low flow to keep biomass stable
  • Allows optimised chemical dosing for P removal on high quality recycled effluent
  • Patented control of recycle for balancing of loads and feeding of performance of biological zone
  • Minimum Foot Print
  • Efficient local sewage treatment
  • Levels flow and concentration to secure stable treatment with large fluctuations in load
  • Modular
  • Tailored to the specific need (flow, outlet, etc)
  • No need for continuous monitoring or maintenance
  • Treated sewage suitable for reuse
  • Recirculation of treated sewage equalises concentrations 

Product Portfolio and concepts

  1. BioKontainer, Can include septic and balance tank, pumping station, flat load bearing surface- Very little civil construction
  2. Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Uran-Saturn (from 5ES to small towns/villages) - Needs septic and balance tanks, pumping station, backfilling around tank, or above surface installation-some civil excavation/ construction
  3. BioReactor –needs septic, balance and settlement tanks, pumping station, full hydraulic civil construction of tanks-significant civil works, but minimal M&E supply