No problem with Liquiline Control!
Predictive automation solution for maximum process reliability in your wastewater treatment plant

Liquiline Control uses intelligent algorithms to control the blowers in the biological stage reliably, efficiently and now, thanks to an entirely new feature, predictably! The system uses multiple measured values and the flow velocity to calculate what oxygen quantity is needed in the aerobic zone to reliably decompose harmful substances and nutrients. It then controls the blowers accordingly to achieve the required oxygen level.

Always ready

With Liquiline Control, your wastewater treatment plant is always prepared for load peaks and therefore protected against situations in which the blowers are no longer able to compensate for the oxygen depletion.


  • Reliable outlet values even with load peaks.
  • Effective decomposition of harmful substances and nutrients at all times.
  • Predictive control system protects your biological stage from overload.
  • Efficient control of your blowers prevents energy-intensive high-load phases.
  • Easy system integration and operation.